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West of Mayberry

One hundred twenty-two days ago, I felt like I had said everything I wanted to say.  At least in blog form.

Plus, I would be starting a new job soon.  And I had a relationship to focus on.

So, I got up from the keyboard.  And retired.

They say that when you are in a fraternity, you are in forever.  Maybe so.  But when you become inactive, do you still feel like you belong?

It’s an odd thing when you’re on a team and then one day you’re no longer playing.  Even if you plan for it.

But, I had left things somewhat open-ended.  There was at least  the possibility of one more post.  Or two.

Yeah, I was Favre-ing it.

But it had only been a few weeks since I had said goodbye.  Before I come back shouldn’t I really be gone?  (Are you reading this, Cher?)

I continued to read my blog roll and even commented now and then. (I was never a good commenter).

But simply reading my old friends rants and raves, hopes and dreams, and slices of lives was not enough.

I was like a lonely guy at an orgy. Off in in the corner rubbing himself.  Outside the jeans.

I needed to be back in the mix.  Back in the tangle of limbs and organs, though it could get quite messy at times.

(Hey, that’s what towels and the next day were created for.)

It’s a new day and a new year.

And so I’m back.

Sort of.

When I shut down the old blog in September, I said I would be continuing to write in some form.  The plan was to begin a book.  But, that book is book is not ready to be written yet.  I’ll never be a prolific writer because I believe things are written when they are ready.

And now, this blog is ready.

You see, I couldn’t go back to LARGETONY Blog.  It’s done.  It is written.  Then end.

That was one part of me.  This blog is another.

The name “West of Mayberry” pays tribute to LARGETONY Blog. I did a post of the same title there a few years ago.  The post had nothing to do with big peckers, hump days, or even Jake Gyllenhaal. It was just a slice of my life in East Tennessee, just west of Mayberry.

And so this blog shall be.  A slice.  A semi-regular chronicle of my days and nights with Granny and the Attorney, and others who come in and out of my world (and maybe a little Jake Gyllenhaal).  I described it to a friend as “imagine if Opie came back to take care of an aging Aunt Bee and ended up dating Howard Sprague.”  (Although the Attorney is not the puss that Howard was).


NOTE:  Thanks to Todd for making the banner happen for me.

{ fin }

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  1. Bob/San Francisco Bob/San Francisco

    Just last night left a message at Largetony. Really glad you are back Tony. Love your writing, and the peek at your life with Granny and the Attorney. Thanks and Happy New Year and New Blog.

  2. Bob/San Francisco Bob/San Francisco

    BTW, I am so glad I kept the link to Largetony when you stopped back in September. I checked back in, once in a while and doing so had it’s reward.

  3. What a way to start 2009… I am soo glad you are back… and looks like we will be back in Johnson City in January for our friends b-day… may have to attempt to meet again… welcome back and Happy New Year!!

  4. I am thrilled with this news. I missed reading you. Here’s hoping that the new year brings you all that you desire.

  5. Robert Robert

    Well this was a nice surprise. Welcome back.

  6. Steven Steven

    So glad you’re back in a new incarnation. You’re by far my fave blogger to read. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  7. Bob Bob

    Happy New Year Tony, you’ve made mine even better. Hope all is well and this new year brings you the very best.
    You’re such a good writer, now my days will be a bit brighter. I live in the Mayberry of the Midwest. Go Vols, Go Colts, Go Tony.

  8. Can I just say… WOOOOHOOOOOOO! I’m glad you’re back! 🙂

  9. I’m really glad you’re back, too!

  10. Wayne Wayne

    Welcome back, dude! I’ve been checking on largetony, thinking you just might miss us! (smile) We sure missed YOU! Another thing to do for the new year is to take a coin outside on New Year’s Eve and leave it outside. When you get up on New Year’s Day, go get the coin and bring it inside and put it in a window sill. Kentucky lore says it will guarantee propsperity. I love these old ways! Again, SO glad you’re back!
    Wayne in Kaintuck

  11. When I saw the banner pop up on this page, I nearly pissed myself… It’s like an old friend come to visit… So, sit a spell, spin a yarn, I’ll put some coffee on… My New Year suddenly got brighter…

    Love from Atlanta

  12. James James

    Thank goodness I kept you on Google Reader! 🙂

    Welcome back Tony – good to “see” you again.

  13. Welcome back. Looking forward to reading more in the future. You’re a great writer and tell wonderful stories.

  14. Harland Harland

    Hurrah! You are back. Happy New Year! I kept checking Large Tony for you–and–surprise, here you are.

    Missed you.


  15. Gene Owen Gene Owen

    It’s wonderful having your voice back. My dad and mother were from the North Carolina-Virginia mountain area, hard by Tennessee. So Mayberry still calls to me, even though my version was in Pennsylvania, my Appalachian forbears kept the stories, songs, and life alive. I look forward to visiting often. I have missed you too. Happy New Year to you and those you love.


  16. Oh my! I guess I need to add a new link to the blogroll. 🙂

  17. Brion Brion

    I saw some guy running down Ave A with yer old banner. Guess it doesn’t matter now.

    Hearty returns of the day.

  18. Ric Ric

    You’re back, and I couldn’t be happier. Something’s been missing in my life since September and now I know what, or should I say who. It was you (and the attorney and Granny) of course. What a wonderful way to start off a new year. There really is a Santa Clause!!!

  19. Scotty Scotty

    Welcome back Tony! Happy New Year to you and the family! 🙂

  20. YAY! I knew you couldn’t stay away. And you WERE missed! Welcome back

  21. David David

    I am so happy with this. You really share your life like no other blogger. It’s so personal, your sharing. I’m looking foward to the ride!
    – David

  22. awytch awytch

    Thank the Goddess,

    I was beginning to think I was going to have start re-reading your original blog one itsy bitsy part a day (unlike the 1st time I read it, when I gulped it all in) and none on the weekends (to make it last)….

    I came late to the party but I missed you alot..

    I kept checking back and was beginning to be discouraged by your absence but then I read about Christmas Eve and it gave me hope..

    You must be kin to Pandora??

  23. Tom Tom

    Funny…you went away and I pretty much forgot about you, truth be told. But every once in awhile, Granny would pop in to my head, and I’d find myself wondering how she is doing…yup I’d just be driving, or reading, and she’d just materialize, and I’d wonder.

  24. Daryl Daryl

    Glad your back.

  25. I just stumbled upon this blog on a link from another blog. That said, thanks for using WordPress because now I get the RSS feed of it.

    I understand the writing thing. Every now and then I can crank out a couple thousand word on something I’m passionate about. Then there are times when 100 words will do.

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