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Burning Ears

I guess it’s not always a bad thing that people are talking about you.

The adorable Moby discussed referrals the other day on his blog. For those of you who do not blog, it’s the primary way that readers an find out about your blog. Mostly through blog rolls.  My old blog had been one of his main referrers1 and apparently this new blog is sending him a chunk of traffic, too.

I thought, “How can that be?”  I’m not even a month into this yet. And I kept my return fairly quiet. 2

So, I decided to check my stats and see who is sending traffic my way.  Turns out that Aussielicious is sending tons of traffic here. That’s not a big surprise. He was my top referrer by far on the old blog.

I’m not a stat whore like some bloggers.  The numbers don’t mean that much to me, but I am really fascinated by the way in which people get here.  The main way is directly 3 followed by referrals, and then search words.

Search words.  On the old blog folks were ending up on my site by Googling things like “big penis”, “hump day,” and “christopher meloni.”4 All of them things that I had mentioned in a post or two.5

But I discovered that there has been only one search term that has brought people here, and it’s done it quite often: “west of mayberry.”

Now, that’s not a common phrase like “big bulge” or “brittney’s loose underwear elastic.”6

Now, I don’t mean just the word “mayberry.”  I would make sense for someone to use just the single word while looking for something about, say,  vegetation or old TV shows.  But to use the entire phrase means they have heard it before.  Which means that someone has told them about it.  Which means somebody is talking about me.7

Now I know why my ears are burning.

And I’m enjoying the warmth.

{ fin }

  1. people clicked to him through me. []
  2. just to see how it would go. []
  3. typing in the URL or having it booked marked []
  4. the number one search word other than the actual title of the blog []
  5. like “I want too hump Christopher Meloni with my big penis all day.”  []
  6. yes, that really was on the search word stats of the old blog. []
  7. how cool is that?! []
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  1. irisgirl irisgirl

    Of course people are talking about you! Your many fans of LargeTony have been wandering around aimlessly, worrying about Granny and missing the latest chapter in your love story with the Attorney, not to mention needing a little naughty talk delivered with that Tennesse twinkle in your eye!

  2. Sue Sue

    I found out about your blog being back from Aussielicious. but now I have you on a feed, as I have so many blogs to follow it would be impossible for me to go to all of them every day. But after I found out that you were back, I put a little post of my own about it. So I might just be to blame for some of the talk.

  3. Your ears? Burning?
    Ouchy! 🙂

  4. I’m just glad your back… I kinda missed you… well sorta… not getting mushy… 😉

    Love from Atlanta

  5. David David

    I think I followed a link.

    Snow day today. Hamburger for breakfast.

  6. Hey my little sister reads your blog now!

  7. There are many people happy to know of your return to the internet, my friend! Hope this burning ears thing is helping to keep you warm this cold January!

  8. I’m simply glad you’re back, unfortunately I’ve found your old blog only some month’s before its ends. Thanks to the gentleman above (Mr. Waagner) I could found you again. All the best.

  9. john john

    You have alot of fans, Tony. You’re a great writer (blogger?)
    Greetins from San Francisco!

  10. I admit I’m paying more attention than before but mostly out of personal fascination. I like “knowing” things.

    I just realized I haven’t added my blogroll list to my new blog so I’ll have to work on that. I have no doubt people search and talk about you. You are very endearing and an all around good guy (I could go on). In a world gone warp-speed ahead, it is nice to read about someone taking their time thru life.


    I found you through my big brother’s blog and have enjoyed the read. Glad you came back…I love your view of things!

  12. You’ve long been someone of interest to me and you have hands down won my heart a long time ago. You don’t appreciate it or recognize it, but there is much love and admiration for you here. I still have this hope of finding a sort of friendship. Perhaps someday. Of course I want to know how you are getting along because I care about you. I doubt that will ever wane.

    I don’t feed any traffic your way because I no longer have a blogroll, but I check in on you often and always am uplifted if you have a new post.

  13. Paul from Q Paul from Q

    I hope the office job isn’t dragging you down. The physical aspect of the work outside seemed to be enjoyable to you. I do hope we don’t have a senior year with this project.
    Thanks again for coming back to us and sharing your thoughts.

  14. Oh.. BULLSHIT. You just love when you are TOP dog in certain categories. I finally updated my blog to reflect your new one.

  15. Joe Joe

    Dear Tony – Never had the courage to reply to the old blog but am overjoyed to see this new one. I first found you through bloglinks, enjoyed the photos, then became wrapped up in your wit, your compassion, and your down-to-earth goodness. That brought me back to the blog on an almost daily basis. Even though we live across the country from each other (I’m in Wyoming) your sense of what life is about complements mine. In that way, you became a close friend whom I never met in person. Best wishes and many Blessings to you and your loved ones as life goes on. Take care.

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