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Letters Big and Small

September 10th, 2009 § 12 comments

There is love.  And there is Love.

The little “l” kind and the big “L” kind.

We’re all born with the little “l” love.  It’s the basic love we have for fellow man and all creatures.

If we’re lucky1 it eventually leads to big “L” love.  The Love we have for that certain someone.

So, we come into this world as babes, brains empty of knowledge, and hearts filled with love.

Yet there is something about humans that we can’t seem to love enough to allow us to Love each other.

It’s because we learn.

They say that the main thing that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom is our ability to reason.

Our instincts don’t tell us not to love.  We learn not to.

We learn to Hate.2

This whole marriage equality thing has had me thinking about the origins of Hate.

When does Hate begin within us?

Immediately.  We started learning and picking up clues the moment we were born.

We all have Hate.  Hatred for something.

All. Of. Us.

We may have it under control.  It may even be so dormant that we frighten ourselves when it comes out.  But it’s there.  Because one day we saw it in someone else and learned it.

So, we’re born with the ability to reason, but not necessarily the ability to be reasonable.  Who is the chicken and what is the egg?

Whatever our particular Hate, it’s likely as unreasonable as the Hate that’s trying to keep us from big “L” Love.

That doesn’t make their Hate acceptable.3  I’m not giving anybody a free pass.  But, if we can learn to understand4 it, we might learn how to combat it.

Unfortunately, knowledge is not always truth.5 Not big “T” Truth.

Love…big “L” Love…that’s  Truth.

Something undeniable.

Maybe folks can at least learn that.

All us creatures, big and small.

{ fin }

  1. or blessed []
  2. And that always comes with a big “H.” []
  3. nor our own for that matter. []
  4. with a big “U” []
  5. Think of a living, breathing WikiPedia. []

§ 12 Responses to Letters Big and Small"

  • Chris says:

    “They say that the main thing that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom is our ability to reason.”

    I thought it was our ability to accessorize.

  • Kirby says:

    welcome back, big “L”

  • California Alex says:

    A little bit like having a late evening chat in a bar just before last call. “I love you, man. I gotta pee.”

  • Paul from Q says:

    Letters big and small. Creatures big and small. Hate/Love. Truth and lies. You nailed it. Thanks again.

  • Daryl says:

    Your insight continues to inspire me. Thanks.

  • Curtis says:

    Well, then of course, is the idea that true love equals understanding and most important – forgiveness. We all change. We all learn. And perhaps, the true mark of love is allowing each other to learn and grow and allowing them to change and learn to be more loving without gripping to past mistakes. Giving another a break, letting go of past offenses, letting go of grudges, and embracing each other on our own particular journey — well, that sounds like love with a big “L” to me.

  • David says:

    Big “L” Big “L” Big “L”!

    I found this post very uplifting. Thanks!

  • John says:

    I hate hatred. :-P

  • Ok, left field. I don’t believe in reincarnation, that is, the same individual being reborn time and again, but I do believe in ancestral memory, that is, the accumulated experience of all your ancestors, being brought forth in yourself. You can tap into this shared response, or you can deny it. So love and hatred may not be something we learn only in this short lifetime. It may be something larger than ourselves. It may be why we respond to it in even in the cradle. We have more to go on than just the here and now. It’s what psychologists call the reptile brain. Intuition. That reservoir of knowledge that is instinctual. Beyond what is learned. We should always listen to that. Always.

  • chamblee54 says:

    I was cleaning out my bookmark collection, and I decided to click on Large Tony. I found this. I hope I haven’t missed too much. It is good to have you back.

  • There are few blogs that I follow and I actually savor reading the words. Every time I read one of your posts it leaves me wanting more words of yours to read.

  • Martin says:

    “Unfortunately, knowledge is not always truth.” It’s so reanimating to read your words wise young man, wish you all the best I can wish. Take care and much love always.

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