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Every Time A Bell Rings

I know I risk upsetting many of you, but I can’t write this post without using the “F” word.


But the post really isn’t about football.

There’s a football player and a football game involved.  But it’s not about football.

It’s more about other “F” words like “family,” and “fetus,” and “full-of-yourself.”

The biggest football game of the the year, The Superbowl, is this weekend.  You can tell it’s the biggest game of the year by the word “super” in it’s name and by the fact that it’s watched by millions and millions of people, most of whom really have no interest in football and don’t watch any other time of the year.  It’s what Christmas and Easter is for folks who otherwise don’t go to church.

Apparently former college football superstar Tim Tebow – I say former because of both the fact he has finished his final season at University of Florida1 and his poor showing in the senior bowl – apparently he is going to be starring in a Superbowl commercial2 by an anti-abortion group called Focus on Family.  There is controversy surrounding the TV spot because the CBS network is breaking a non-political ad policy for the Superbowl by airing it.

I have a sort of unspoken non-political policy for this blog, too.  I try to never push my politics on someone else, and unlike CBS, I’m going to stick to it.  Besides, I have trouble focusing on the political side of it all because I can’t stop thinking about how Tebow is the very3 definition of self-righteous.

Outstanding athletes, right or wrong, are often deified.  Tebow, in his years at Florida, was given the full-blown idol treatment.  There was even the running joke that “Superman sleeps in Tim Tebow pajamas.”

Now, it seems Tebow is drinking hos own Kool-Aid.

The reason I say all this is because from what I hear is that the commercial features Tebow and his mother, who makes the point that if she had listened to others around her4 and had an abortion, then Tim would not be here today.


So there might have been a world without Tim Tebow. While I can understand how meaningful that possibility probably is to the Tebow family, it really doesn’t effect me.

What if there had been no Tim Tebow?  There might not be a sophomore player to ever have won a Heisman trophy?  The Gators might have had one less national championship? Old Man Potter would have taken control of the Savings and Loan?

Give me a break.

What is special enough about Tebow to make him the poster boy for anti-abortionists? 5 Tim Tebow is just a guy.  Just like you and me.  So, he may be a better football player than most of us.  But, I’m sure there are things that we are all better at than Tebow.  And we’ve had no less effect on mankind than he has.

So, where is my commercial?  I wasn’t aborted.  And I’m pretty damned sure that neither were any of you.

{ fin }

  1. look at all those “F” words []
  2. the chocolate rabbit of football []
  3. and apparently literal []
  4. because of where she was in her life at that time []
  5. Although it it makes a better poster than the usual bloody fetus. []
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  1. I’d be okay with CBS airing it if they also agreed to air the ManCrunch commercial — gay dating service. But apparently that one is still up in the air. If they’re banning homosexual controversy then abortion commercials should also be excluded. Both topics are equally divisive.

  2. Paul from Q Paul from Q

    I have no trouble visualizing super man sleeping in Large Tony PJs; but LT in PJs? Doesn’t compute. Where to put the junk? I love it when you use the F word. Thanks.

  3. I think you will find a lot of people agree with you on this topic. Thanks for voicing and publicizing your opinion!

    Oh, and enjoy the SuperBowl!

  4. That was so excellent. Hadn’t quite thought of it that way.

  5. David David

    These things are blessings in disguise. Most people will be thinking “that’s not right” when they see the commercial. I have to google Tebow. Is he hot?

  6. irisgirl irisgirl

    By accepting and airing the Tebow commercial, CBS has chosen to promote taking away a woman’s legal right of choice.

    By rejecting the ManCrunch commercial, CBS has chosen to support continuing the denial of equal rights to gays.

    Is it just a coincidence that the Colts coach is vehemently anti-gay rights, as well as the right to choose abortion?

    I am really pissed at CBS right now.

  7. brian brian

    Firstly, enjoy the Superbowl!

    This chafes my shorts for a number of reasons. I’ve always believed that what’s fair for one, is fair for all. If the policy is NO advocacy advertising for some, it should apply to ALL.
    Now it comes out that CBS had a hand in advising on the commercial during its making.
    Can you say hypocracy?
    Tim T. has right to his opinion, as does everyone else! Why does his story rate higher than “Precious”?
    Maybe CBS wants to become FOX.

  8. Wow. Bitter much? The point of the ad was (obviously I’m writing this in hindsight) not that Tim Tebow is a God or Superman. They just used his star-power since the audience was interested in Football. And as we all now know, the commercial didn’t mention anything about abortion in it. I really wish people wouldn’t rush to judgement and get their panties in a bunch over nothing. Really makes them look stupid after the fact.

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