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Valentine Kisses

I don’t like surprises, but The Attorney does.  So I didn’t call before showing up at his house Sunday night.

He put aside his book and gave me a quick kiss.  “I wasn’t expecting you.”

“I thought I’d cook us dinner,” I said.

“Oh,” he said. “If I had known we were having a Valentine’s dinner, I would have been dressed better.  And I would have gotten you something.”

He looked fine.  Very fine, in fact, in an Annapolis sweatshirt1 and Adidas shorts.  There is something very sexy about The Attorney when he is not so buttoned down.2

“I don’t want you to give me anything,” I responded.  “And I’m not cooking dinner because it’s Valentine’s Day.  I’m cooking dinner because we have to eat.”

Besides, I had already had my Valentine’s Day experience a couple of days earlier.

There is always food at work.  Because one of the Phyllises3 or the other will bring in some home-made treat.  Especially if its fattening. And especially if they can justify it with a holiday.

So, one of the Phyllises showed up at my desk with a cupcake on Friday.

It was red velvet with cream cheese frosting and topped with a Hersey’s Kiss.

A Valentine’s Day cupcake.

As she placed daintily in front of me, I made a mental not of how odd it is that the size of a woman’s gestures is somehow always inversely proportional to the size of her body.

“Everybody should get a Valentine’s kiss,” she said, looking at me the way people look at a three-legged puppy pulled from a storm drain after a hurricane.

The implication was “you poor, poor, single boy.”

Then the other Phyllis, the one with little flecks of cream cheese frosting caught in her faint lady-stache, piped in, “Oh, I bet he has a Valentine, he just doesn’t say much.”

You would think that not saying much also made me invisible because they discussed me like I wasn’t sitting there.

But, no, they could clearly see me because the both of them just grinned at me, expecting me to give them a peek into my personal life.

“So, what did you tell them,” the Attorney asked.

I wanted to tell them I do have a Valentine, thank you very much, and that it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to get kisses.  Kisses that give me rock hard boners, in fact.

But I didn’t.  I just ate the Kiss off the cupcake and went back to my work.

“So, is it true?” he asked, leaning in to kiss me.

Several seconds later he pulled away from me and reached downstairs. “I guess it is,” he said.”

I gave myself a tug. “Right now it’s only about half true.”  Then, leaning in myself this time, I said,  “It takes two or three kisses to make it completely true.”

But he brushed me off.

Erectus interruptus.

He wanted to get in a quick run before dinner.

So, he did.

By the time he was back and cleaned up, dinner was on the table.

Just before we sat down, he hugged me close and took my hand and slipped it into his pocket.

“Oh, we’re going to throw down before dinner,” I thought.

But that wasn’t what he had in mind.  Because even though I felt nuggets rolling around in his pocket, they were too small to be his balls.  I grabbed them and pulled my hand out to find three soft Hershey’s Kisses in my fist.

Apparently he had made a stop on his run.

“You said two or three more kisses would do the trick,” he grinned.

“They’re warm,” I responded.

“Warm kisses are the best kind.”  And with that he backed me against the counter and proved his point.

You know what? When it’s a warm kiss, it only takes one.

{ fin }

  1. No.  He is not a Naval Academy grad.  Just has the sweatshirt for some reason. []
  2. Showing some leg doesn’t hurt none either. []
  3. the women in our office []
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  1. Paul from Q Paul from Q

    Congratulations on the kisses. And thanks for the memory.

  2. David David

    It’s funny how every office has their share of Phyllises. We have Rusty, Beacon(of light), and Megaphone. Megaphone TALKS LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME.

    Your life with the Attorney is very nice indeed. Happy V day.

  3. Sue Sue

    You are one very lucky boy! I am sure you know it!

    Happy Valentine’s Day Tony!

  4. Hawt!

  5. Daryl Daryl

    How sweet!!!

  6. I love reading tales of you in love… You’re so damn cute when you’re getting your Cupid on 😉

    You and the Attorney are definitely good for each other!

  7. Guy Romance — so great to hear about and to have. We’re both very lucky men. I hope it lasts for you many, many years.

  8. Kerry in Phoenix Kerry in Phoenix

    Nice. Very, very nice. And oh so sweet!

  9. tom tom

    ya, very sweet story.

  10. irisgirl irisgirl

    Oh, Tony–what a wonderful surprise to find one of your sweet and sexy “love story” posts again! I’ve really missed them……so thank you for the Valentine treat!

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