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Man Made

Men like naked bodies.  That’s the truth.

Gay or straight, guys like seeing people with no clothes.  Flopping cock or bouncing titties.  If there is nudity involved guys are going to hone in on it.  Much more than women do, I think.

I’m the same way.  Fee-swinging peckers don’t get my attention so much1, but bare bootie will make me throw a rod faster than a Nascar engine.

I love seeing the Attorney naked2.  For a man who is a couple of months shy of 50, he’s got a pretty damned fine body.  Running and swimming have kept his long-legged, broad-shouldered lean frame in great shape.

But, in some ways I think guys have it all wrong.  It’s true that a man’s hot naked body will make me chub like nothing, but I often find myself plumping up when I pay attention to way the Attorney looks when he is dressed.

It’s not that I am starting to fetish-ize a particular piece of clothing. Like being  into jock straps or uniforms or suits or something.

Sometimes it is The Attorney in a suit.  He wears one at least five days a week.  But it’s not the fact that he’s in a suit.  Or even that he’s getting out of a suit. 3 It’s the way he wears it: the way his shoulders and back fill out his suit coats.

Sometimes it’s the way an old t-shirt wraps around his chest and hugs it as tightly as I want to. Other times it’s a sweatshirt that completely hides his form altogether.

Speaking of form, don’t even get me started on the running tights that mold to his legs, or, even better, those thin shorty shorts that seem to be worn only by runners and hookers.4

They say that the clothes make the man.  I think we may have that all wrong, too.

Do the clothes make a man sexy?  Or are the clothes sexy because of  a man?

In the case of  The Attorney, I’m inclined to believe the latter.

It may be a case of chickens and eggs.

But,  I don’t much care which comes first…as long as I get a chance to, too.

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  1. unless it’s a big one, then it’s more about competition than admiration. []
  2. although his inherent modesty keeps him from being as free as I am about exposure []
  3. Trust me, he is so meticulous about his business clothes that there is nothing remotely sexual about their removal. []
  4. I’m definitely hooked. []
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  1. I think a man clothed, or scantily-clothed, is much sexier than balky bare ass.

  2. Paul from Q Paul from Q

    Come now. You know it’s what’s inside that matters.

  3. brian brian

    I think your fisrt sentence needs a NO before clothes.As far as I’m concerned you are absolutly correct. Nudity answers so many questions, without ever having to pose a question!

  4. irisgirl irisgirl

    Oh, Tony, women definitely respond to the beauty and hotness of a naked man! And 2 naked men together? OMG! This is how and why gals like me discovered (and now faithfully read) all of these awesome gay blogs and web sites!

    But I also agree that certain clothing on a man can be tantalizngly hot. Like Cheyenne Jackson in those short-shorts and roller skates! Oh, I am SO having a moment here!

  5. Less clothes the better for me. And I think that clothes may, or may not, make the man. I think it’s far more than skin deep — I dig the flirty, naughtier side of guys which is way beyond what he’s wearing.

  6. David David

    I like mysteries. It’ funny, seeing a guy on the internet in a speedo does nothing for me, but seeing one in person on the beach (assuming he should be wearing that speedo)…..I get all sorts of hot and bothered.

  7. I’m definitely torn here. My man has the most perfectly formed ass, his cheeks just sort of ‘plump’ when he walks. Anytime he parades by me naked im instantly “excited”. That said, he has taken to wearing an old pair of warmups when he is lounging around the apt. While they fit me just fine, they form to his curves and muscles so nicely I often find myself staring. There is something about the subtle way clothes fit him that makes him completely irresistible!

  8. Brian in NYC Brian in NYC

    I have a question for you – why do so many gay guys who claim to be total tops, as you do, so often say “free swinging peckers don’t get my attention but bare bootie will make me throw a boner”?

    I’ve never met a gay man, top or bottom, who didn’t love looking at dick or ass, let alone chowing down on it.

    Why the continuous assertion/implication that you’re the “penetrator, the dominant one”?

    Just curious……….like your blog a lot, esp the “granny” stories

  9. California Alex California Alex

    I think I remember Tony writing that he is 80%-20%.

  10. Sue Sue

    Hmm. I LOVE male nudity. Nuf’ said.

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