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Month: October 2010


It was a little after 2AM when I rang The Attorney.

“Turn off the alarm, I’m coming down there.”

Naturally, given the hour, he thought there was a problem.

As my grandaddy would say, “Nothing good ever happens after midnight.”

I assured him that nothing was wrong.  Nothing that a bit of boot-knocking wouldn’t cure, and I was on the highway in minutes.

Yes.  A booty call.

Normally, I am not spontaneous like that.

Neither is The Attorney.  That’s part of why we “work.”

But, a summer’s worth of only phone calls, texts, and brief meetings had finally come to a head.

Despite the angel on one shoulder telling me to consider the consequences, the devil on the other one convinced me that Granny generally sleeps through the night and therefore the best time to “go get you some.”

So I did.

It’s a 90-minute trip each way, so I was on the road longer than I was actually in The Attorney’s bed.  But before the sun– or Granny–could rise, I was back home, wallowing in an afterglow of satisfaction mingled with guilt.

Nothing good happens after midnight.

Nothing bad happened, and Granny had no idea I was even out of the house, but I still felt some guilt about leaving her at all hours.

What if something had gone wrong?

“You need to stop stressing about things that didn’t happen.”

Those were The Attorney’s words a couple of days later.   In his own fit of spontaneity, he had given up going out of town to run in a race that weekend and, instead, showed up on our front porch.

I thought he had come up so that we could spend time together, but his main intention was to spell me.

Fetching my wallet and the keys to my truck, he said, “I’m staying all day, so I’ll still be here when you get back.  But for now, you need a break.”

“What about Granny?”

“You ever think that maybe she needs a break for you, too?”

Ever an attorney.

Then he sent me away.


To do anything.

Something spontaneous.

As long as I got away for a while.

{ fin }