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Month: November 2010


Last time I posted I promised I would be better.

Better at posting.

Well, I haven’t been.

But I am better.  In life.

Not only am I better, but I am the best I have been in months.

Life is getting back on track and I am feeling in the swing of things again.

In early October, I applied for and went through a screening to receive some in-home daily care for Granny.  I didn’t mention it before because it is a fairly involved process and also has a long waiting list.  I didn’t know if or when it would ever happen. Well, I found out the week before Halloween that we were approved for assistance for 18 hours a week.

This would allow me to go back to work, and allow me to get some help with Granny without completely giving over her care completely to someone else.

It’s a good compromise for the conflict I was feeling: On the one hand, I felt worthless not going out and doing an honest day’s work, but at the same time, it’s my job to take care of Granny above everything else.

It was all The Attorney’s idea, and it took some strong-arming to get me to agree to applying.  But, as usual, he was right about it.  It’s the best possible set-up for me and Granny, and our temperaments (read: stubborness).

The only issue I take with anything he did was him using some influence and pulling some strings to push us through the waiting list.  I just don’t think it’s fair when others need support and relief as my much as we do.  But, he had the ball in motion before I could have done anything to stop it.  Plus, I don’t know what I could have done anyway.

So, Granny’s nurse came on Monday, November 1st for a meet and greet.

Before that, I always imagined some chain-smoking pill dispenser with heavy eye-make up.

That was until found out his name is Sam.

Then, for some reason, I pictured a big black guy.  I thought how funny to have my Granny, a former Atlanta debutante, being care for a big black guy named Sam.  Big Sam.  Just like Scarlett in “Gone With The Wind.”

But the last name erased that image.

Sam’s last name is Asian.  So is Sam, for that matter.  Chinese.

At 5′-5″, Sam is slightly taller than Granny, and a full foot shorter than The Attorney.  But he is also cute as a button, and built like a shit-brickhouse.

He’s got the compact muscle-bulging body of a former gymnast or cheerleader.1  And any time I try to describe his bootie I just start babbling.  Maybe it’s from the light-headedness, because I also get rock-hard when I think about his bootie.

Make that steel-hard.2

Am I bad for wanting to fuck my Granny’s nurse?

I never would, of course.  But that’s not gonna stop me from looking.  And thinking.  And throbbing.

He’s been with us a couple of weeks now.  He’s very sweet and gentle, and treat’s Granny with such respect.

Sam being her has calmed her a great deal, which makes her feel better;  gotten me back into the workforce, which makes me feel better;  and even given my libido a kick in the pants, which makes The Attorney feel better.

I wonder if that is why The Attorney was so insistent?

{ fin }

  1. And ya’ll know how I love cheerleaders []
  2. I just checked. []