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Without A Hitch

When we ordered the Red Velvet Cake for dessert, the waiter asked if we wanted two forks.

I don’t know if he had pegged us a couple, or he was asking because the slices were big.   But, couple or not, I’m get my own piece of cake.

It was New Year’s Eve. I was back in my monkey suit,  having the do-over of the Christmas Eve dinner date with The Attorney. Other than the fact that the only reservation he could get was early in the evening1, which put us there with the blue-haired crowd2, the second time around pretty much went without a hitch.

No hitch in the plans.  No plans to get hitched.

Like I told Granny, I knew The Attorney had nothing more in mind than dinner.  Even if the restaurant didn’t have a reputation as a place for momentous events, I knew that, for us, having dinner there before they closed for good was, itself, the momentous event.

That’s because The Attorney and I are not hitching type.

This is not to say that we haven’t had discussions about where things for us go when the inevitable time comes that Granny goes.

We have.

But marriage has never come up.

Not in the formal sense.

There’s the idea of commitment.  Of taking care of each other.  Loving each other. Honoring each other.3  But, we’re not the type to stand on ceremony.

At the most, our future will probably be sealed with  a simple “gentleman’s agreement.”4

But what’s more likely to happen is that one day we’ll look at each other across the table at some other restaurant and realize that we’re stuck with each other.  Then we’ll just dig into the Red Velvet cake and move on.

Without a hitch.

And if there’s only one slice?

Then I guess we’ll have two forks.

{ fin }

  1. 5:30 PM []
  2. of course, I reminded The Attorney that he is five years away from his AARP card. []
  3. In fact, I think we pretty much have that already. []
  4. And a kiss. []
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  1. Sue Sue

    I am very happy for the both of you Tony.

  2. Youa re totally hitched. And that is a good thing.

  3. Greg Greg

    I come here because I love the writing. You didn’t disappoint today, made me smile, made me glad other gay men have their lives together too. Thanks for that. I love the granny stories and your dedication to her–putting your own life on hold sort of to care for her. What a guy you must be.

  4. brian brian

    Glad the redux went off flawlessly.
    Marriage is NOT for everyone.
    Why mirror an institution that is a 50% proposition at best?
    As my father used to say,”Be yourself”.

  5. California Alex California Alex

    What! Not the hitching type. You’ve got your guard up. You tell him to marry you and like it. Gentlemen’s Agreement? Only worth the paper it’s written on. Get your lifetime hooks into him. Private ceremony – you and him in Granny’s backyard.

  6. mystik mystik


  7. Red Velvet. One of my favorites. Hitched or not. Forks or not.

  8. I think you can have your cake…and eat it too. All good boys deserve cake.

  9. rayrayj rayrayj

    Thanks again for reminding me that, all in all, life is pretty darned good.

  10. Not everyone needs a ceremony and it sounds like you will very much appreciate and love being “stuck” with each other.
    Maybe one day I’ll be as “stuck”.

  11. Glenn Glenn

    2 forks or 1 it’s about being with the one who makes you happy! But I agree, I would have wanted my own piece of cake as well. Glad you had a good time and give Granny a big hug.

  12. Never say ‘never’. I did.

    Things change. Feelings change and the idea of standing up to say it – even if just to each other, is not a horrible thing.

    It means nothing in Ohio, but I’m glad we did it. …and it only took 25 years and 10 months.

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