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2010 wasn’t exactly the best year of my life.

It brought me a lot of challenges.

You all can probably guess that from my posts, or lack of, over the last year. Particularly the last six months.

This particular blog became two years old on January 11 but I don’t have that much, in the way of posts, to show for it.  If it actually gets published, this post will be only the 82nd one two years time.

In fact, looking back, both of those years delivered some challenges that put my focus in places other than the blog.

Not saying that’s a bad thing.  Or a good thing.  Just something that had to happen.

But now that I have solved many of those challenges2, I’m going to challenge myself to get my writing back in shape.

Writing was a love I rediscovered about six years ago, after having put it in the closet and letting it lie dormant.  Just when I felt like I was capable of doing some “real” writing3, life took a turn, and I started letting that love slip away again.

I have seen on a couple of other blogs that writers are taken on a “30 Day Blog Challenge,”  where they write each day on a topic from a list.  I figured this is a way to jump start writing again, even if it isn’t very interesting or good.

So, I looked around and found three or four different challenge lists.  I couldn’t decide which to use, so I just combined them.  They all shared many of the same topics, so I eliminated duplicates and ended up with a list of 64.

So my challenge is twice as big, plus a little extra.4

I’m going to bend the rules a little and say that if something comes up that I want to put down on paper5 I will write about it rather than one of the challenge topic, and just use the challenge for the days I need to make sure I get something out.

I’m starting tomorrow.  If I keep up with it, 64 posts should get me at least into March.

{ fin }

  1. already half the life of my old blog. []
  2. or at least gotten control of them []
  3. something publishable []
  4. That’s why they call me LargeTony. []
  5. or LCD []
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  1. I commend your effort and resolve, Tony – and look forward to reading what you write. I’m pleased that your gift will hopefully not be put aside much longer.

    From the perspective of my blog reading, this is some of the best news I’ve heard in a while.

  2. You are a really gifted storyteller. We will all benefit from your participation in the challenge. Thanks!

  3. Ojo Ojo

    Tony, I can’t wait to see what you write. Any chance you would share the list with us before you get started? Maybe some others would like to also write about some of the topics.

  4. Tony, that’s the nice thing of a blog, you write when you have something to tell. And time off is something all of us need from time to time, just as the circumstances are at that moment.

  5. Tony,
    Great challenge. I look forward to reading. I enjoy your style.


  6. Nick UK Nick UK

    This is a great thing to read on a cold wet January day. Your writing makes compelling reading.
    I hope that 2011 has more ups than downs for you and yours.

  7. brian brian

    Welcome back!
    Looking forward to hearing your voice on a more regular basis.
    Hugo Bouy!

  8. Yes sir, it’s a good thing to be challenged. If you love writing, I encourage you to keep at it….it’s a great way to vent, enjoy life a bit more, add your own spin and humor to life’s less-than-pretty situations. And, besides, I’ve always enjoyed reading you….You’re a good egg in my book.

  9. So glad to hear this, Tony! Your writing is exquisite. I’m coming up on (on 01/12/11) seven years without missing a single day of blogging. 🙂 My “prompt” each day is my observation of the day, which satisfies my creative writing urge and documents my days. 🙂 Surprisingly, people are often interested even in the mundane. Write on!

  10. Artie1 Artie1

    You are most definitely a gifted man of ideas and even more importantly, you are able to articulate them in a universal way that many of us can relate to. It is a gift!

  11. GL GL


  12. G G


  13. Wayne in Kentucky Wayne in Kentucky

    Tony, I will appreciate every post as a gift. A gift that is anticipated, unwrapped with fervor and which immediately jumps into my heart and mind, and kept close to me.

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