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30+ Day Challenge, part two

Day Two: The meaning behind your blog name.

“West of Mayberry.”

It all  has to do with where and how I live in Tennessee.

If you know anything about the old “Andy Griffith Show” from the 60’s, you know it was set in the fictional town of Mayberry.  The fictional town was based on Griffith real home town of Mt. Airy, North Carolina.  Now, Mt. Airy is really closer to Virginia than to Tennessee1, but I always imagined that Mayberry was just on the other side of the Smokies from us.

So, I’m living West of Mayberry.

My town is about Mayberry-sized, and a lot of us here live a simple quiet Mayberry-like life, although that seems to diminish more and more as “progress”2 come to the region.

A friend of mine once joked to me, “If this is Mayberry, does that make you Andy?”

Nope.  If anything, I guess I’m a grown up Opie taking care of a rapidly aging Aunt Bea (Granny), while trying to find some balance in a relationship with Howard Sprague (The Attorney)3.

Only it’s going happening on the Tennessee side of the Smokies.

West of Mayberry.

My name of my old blog, LargeTony is much easier to explain.  In short, it’s a nickname I picked up several years back.  And if you have even the slightest dirty mind, you know why.  You can read the long version here.

{ fin }

  1. and the Smoky Mountains []
  2. read: traffic, fast food, and bix box chain stores []
  3. There was not a town lawyer featured on the show that I know.  But, Sprague was the County Clerk, so therefore a prominent citizen.  But, The Attorney is way hotter. []
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  1. Daryl Daryl

    I’ve lived in East TN since 1982 and I agree that it’s not nearly as Mayberry like as it used to be. Nice post as usual.

  2. Large Tony. Certainly better than Large Marge.

  3. brian brian

    Mayberry had no black residents until the final seasons, then only tangientialy.
    Is your Mayberry the same?

  4. I love these “imaginations” that we’ve all had as children, or even adults. And, honestly, The Andy Griffith Show gave me many, many moments of imagining that I lived there…..

    And, no, I don’t think that anybody wonders where Large Tony came from.

  5. James James

    Since I grew up in North Carolina (but now live in Los Angeles), my Dad was from Tennessee (Bellss) and my family were fans of The Andy Griffith Show as well as Mayberry RFD … I got the reference. Love to check in and see how you’re doing from time to time. Missed you there for a bit.

  6. Sorry, this side of the pond never saw The Andy Griffith Show. The Tennessee-North Carolina Border sounds the America I would like to be in. I live in a Welsh village and love it.

    My Twitter @italisalute was chosen because I like Italy very much. I go there once a year just to chill out. I stay in Rome, but disappear into the non-touristy areas and love getting lost. Dolce vita, but in a simple way.

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