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30 Day+ Challenge, part three

Day 3 – Your First Love

This one is easy.  And it’s not likely to be some great revelation.

It would be harder for me to say who was my first crush.  I crush a lot.

It’s also safe to say that I have fallen for some of my crushes.

But serious relationships have not been as frequent.

In fact, I had only been involved one person seriously before The Attorney.

But, since The Attorney, I have come to realize that the previous one was not really very serious at all.

Regular1, but not serious.

Not love.

Serious is being drawn together by what you have in common and then bonding in what you don’t.

Serious is living for those moments together and quietly suffering through those moments you’d rather be left alone.

Serious is finding all those special places yet always remaining interested in discovering more.

So is love.

So are we.

The Attorney and me.

{ fin }

  1. although not long lasting []
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  1. You write beautifully.

    Whilst I am so happy to read this blog – you really should be writing for a larger audience somehow….. Your writing is eloquent, touching, human, and most of all, unique.

  2. Love is a funny thing. We think we do and looking back we don’t. Funny.

  3. You are lucky men. Thanks for sharing the lessons learned.

  4. I agree with Rick. The love we feel, or think we feel, I’m not sure how or if that exists once it is put into the past – at least if you continue to move forward and are in a happy relationship.

    The past loves are nice, but I find myself not calling them ‘love’.

  5. brian brian

    Love of a pet,sibling,friend,parent,or significant other. When it really comes down to it. I am clueless.

  6. “I crush a lot…” Umm, I like that line. A. Lot.

    Tony, you’re quite the man. I love your depth. Your tone. Your heart. Thanks for always sharing so beautifully of yourself.

  7. Daryl Daryl

    How sweet!

  8. David David

    Crushes are cool. I walked into work this morning behind a guy I thought was hot for years. Different companies; I know nothing about him. But walking behind him I noticed he has a “funny walk” and big feet that don’t match up with his legs…And he’s perfect. Still a crush. It’s so much easier than love. But, yes, love is special and I’m so glad that you found the attorney and he found you. I’ve been reading you for a long time and your writer’s voice has changed. It’s an inspiring voice.

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