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30+ Day Challenge, part five

Day 5:  A Song To Match Your Mood.

*Click the music player at the top of the right sidebar to hear the song.  The post will make more sense. If you can’t see the music player, you clicked a direct link to the post to get here.  So, click “West of Mayberry” in the left sidebar to go to homepage.  The music player will show up.

I just got off the phone with The Attorney.

Our usual good night call.1

While we talked, I laid on the bed looking out the window at the sky, as I often do when it comes time to tuck him in.

There’s a little bit of snow falling.

Gentle flakes drifting down, occasionally whipped up by a quick gust of wind.

Everyone once in a while I will try to follow a particular flake.  From where I first spot it in flight until it softly lands in the mosh pit of crystals made by his brothers.

Or watch them collect on the window, redecorating the panes in lace.

All is quiet and relaxed.

So, I am I.

So, that’s why I picked a piece of classical music called “The Humming Chorus.”  It’s one of only a few classical tunes on my iPod.

Something Granny introduced to me years ago.

For some reason I had the idea it was opera music, but I think I am wrong.  There are no fat ladies singing.

But, there is such an ease about it.

A gentleness.

I just can’t decide if the final note is the last snowflake landing or me sinking back in my pillow, knowing The Attorney is doing the same.

{ fin }

  1. He goes to bed much earlier than I do. []
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  1. Brian in NYC Brian in NYC

    Tony, the Humming Chorus is actually a beautiful piece from Puccini’s “Madama Butterfly”. In the opera’s story, Butterfly and her maid Suzuki are keeping an all-night vigil looking out over Nagasaki Harbor where Butterfly’s American Navy officer husband is docked. They’re waiting for him to return to Butterfly, whom he’d married a few years previously, and unbeknownst to him, they have a small child named “Trouble” or “Sorrow” depending on the Italian translation.

    It’s a really beautiful moment but unfortunately, as in most opera, the story doesn’t end happily.

    Here’s a clip of the Humming Chorus as you’d see it staged. The camera is shaky because the footage was taken by an audience member at a performance and posted to Youtube.

    I can see Butterfly as a great intro to opera for the Attorney and you; better yet La Boheme, one of the most beautiful love stories of opera ever. If you’ve seen “Moonstruck”, you’ve heard much of that music.

    And by the way, both Nashville and Knoxville have good opera companies….

  2. charley charley

    the Humming Chorus and the snow such blissful imagery. thanks!

  3. The Humming Chorus is indeed from an opera – Puccini’s Madame Butterfly. Though I hope it’s not prescient; it’s a tragic love story about a Japanese maiden who doesn’t realize she’s been deserted by her American lover; he leaves her pregnant and returns years later with an American wife. The jilted lover kills herself after sending her child to be taken care of by her ex and his new wife.

    I certainly hope it’s not a bad omen. But music is what we make of it; and I think you’ve made something wonderful of it.

  4. Nice post and wonderful imagery — love snowfalls. We are in the midst of our third snowstorm of the season here in the Hudson Valley. Stay warm!

  5. brian brian

    Almost everyone goes asleep before you.
    Thank Granny for the delightful musical interlude!

  6. Rob Rob

    Dear Tony,
    I always love to read your words and get treated to the finest of mental images of a life lived. This post was no exception. Unlike another comment mentioning Butterfly, if you listen closely, you will hear strains of another popular composition within this chorus. Bring Him Home from LeMiserable is all over this piece and that is why it works so well for this post. You want your man home with you safe under the covers watching that snow fall. Be well. Looking forward to your next slice of life. Till thank thank you for The Humming Chorus.

  7. Rob Rob

    Here is a link to Colm Wilkinson performing Bring Him Home from the original cast recording of LeMiserable. I think you will find the words and music to be the prayer anyone would make as one puts head to pillow and the link to The Humming Chorus is unmistakable. Enjoy… both.

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