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Month: January 2011

Forward Thinking

30+ day Challenge, Day 13 -Something You Are Looking Forward To


I might have given a different answer on a different day.

We have had several weeks of very cold weather and snow.  Unusual for East Tennessee, where winter usually means cool temperatures and rain.

But yesterday it was a very sunny 63 degrees, and today it pushed to 67.

I got a taste of Spring, and now I can’t wait for it to really get here.

None of the sweet smells and bursting colors, yet.  But, it was a chance to get Granny out onto the screen porch to air her out and knock some of the old lady smell off her.1

Also, I took a little drive around the countryside with the windows down in the truck, and enjoyed the sun on my bare torso doing a little yard work and some skins basketball.2

Because even my body3 can’t seem to wait for Spring, either.

I’m battling the Springtime Hornies.

You know how some days you just feel bigger than the others? Well, today is not one of the others.

I know it’s only a temporary thing and soon we’ll be back to cloudy and cool.

But, that’s not going to keep me looking forward to when Spring is in full swing.

And I am too.

{ fin }

  1. That’s a joke.  Just wanted her to get some fresh air. []
  2. also did a little free-ballin’ while I was ballin’. []
  3. Or at least a few inches of it. []