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Month: February 2011

What’s Cooking

30+ Day Challenge, Part 14 – Favorite Place To Eat

For the longest time, my favorite place to eat was a little diner just outside of town.  It doesn’t exist anymore, but they had the best pancakes a man could ever want.  You could get pancakes all day long.  Not any other breakfast.  Just pancakes and bacon. They were fluffy in the middle1 and crisp on the edge2 and the syrup was always served warm.  I always got the pancakes with pecans.  A stack of five3 with a side of bacon and a big orange juice.  There was a waitress there for a while that, if I paid enough attention to her, would give me extra bacon.  The place has been gone since about 1999 or 2000.

I guess my favorite now is a place down in Knoxville called Litton’s.  It’s not a fancy place or a place with clever names for their foods.  It’s just a nice comfortable restaurant that serves basic good food.  As far as I know, everything is prepared fresh on the premises.  In fact, they have big butcher case filled with burger patties, steaks, fish etc., flanked by crates of potatoes ready to be peeled and sliced for fries.

You walk in, sign your name to a chalk board, and wait4 to be called.  While you wait, you can look at all kinds of framed news and magazine articles about the place, some of the intricate chalk drawings, or watch sports on one of the 3 big screen TVs.  The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. The staff is always nice and they all help each other out.  Four or five different people might be at your table in one sitting.

Like I said the food is basic.  But so damned good. They are famous for their burgers, fries, onion rings, and deserts, the most popular of which are the also two of my favorites: Italian Creme Cake and Red velvet Cake.  But they also have daily blue plate specials, meatloaf, nice home-cooked vegetables, and soup or chili.  And they don’t skimp on the portions of any of it.

If I had to make any complaint, it’s just a little bit pricey for basic comfort food.  No matter how good.

I know the point of this challenge post was to talk about a favorite restaurant, but it said favorite “place” to eat.  So, that could also mean a favorite location.

In that case, I’d have to say our back porch.

I love being out there.   because it is screened in, I can enjoy the feel of being outside without the annoyance of insects buzzing around my food.

When the weather permits, I eat my breakfast5 out there on a daily basis, either in my underpants or my thermals.  I love watching the sunrise and enjoying the noisy quiet of nature before the dew6 burns off the grass.

And on summer nights, it’s a favorite spot of Granny and mine for dessert.

No waiting in lines, and the best seat in the house.

Or outside the house, as the case my be.

{ fin }

  1. without being doughy []
  2. without being burned []
  3. even though they were almost as big around as a dinner plate []
  4. generally a while, because they are always crowded []
  5. always oatmeal and a Granny Smith apple []
  6. or frost []

The Missing

30+ Day Challenge, part 15 – Something I Miss

I’m not really not the type that misses things much.

Don’t get me wrong.  I have wonderful memories of all kinds.  But I just don’t tend to hang on them.

For example, I certainly miss my mama.  But, I lost her when I was 14 and I never knew her in my adult life.  So, it’s probably the healthiest thing that I remember her, rather than missing experiences with her that I mostly couldn’t have anymore as a 35 year old man.

So, if I miss anything, it’s probably something mundane in the big scheme of life.

Like I miss football Saturdays in Knoxville.

Most of you all know I am a huge fan of college football.  But, I have not been to a game at the University of Tennessee in two seasons.

More important factors in the big scheme of life have kept me from it.

Mostly the care I need to provide for Granny.

That, combined with the fact that we’ve had three poor seasons1 in three years time, and a rough patch between me and The Attorney a while back, has kept me from immersing myself in the pomp and glory of what Sports Illustrated once named the best game day experience in college football.

So, I guess I miss that a little:  The adrenaline-charged energy surrounding the campus; the hoards of people, bathed in orange and white2, combining for a single shared experience; and the (almost) guarantee of a winning seasons with major bowl games;

But all that will come around again one day.

So why miss it?

{ fin }

  1. and three coaches []
  2. University of Tennessee team colors. []


OK.  So I am way behind on my 30+ Day Challenge.  Like 12 days behind, I believe.  I should be up to about Day 27 or 28 by now.  But the last one I posted was Day 15.  So, I’m going to make this one a multi-post.  Four in one.

Day 16-Nicknames

If you are reading this blog, you already know my nickname is “LargeTony.”  One word.  You also probably know why I have the nickname.  Or how I got it.  Or both.  If you are still clueless, I’ll just get to the point and explain it.

I have a plus-sized pecker. 1

I don’t really have any other nicknames.  Not anything I am called regularly or by any number of people.  I have a buddy who calls me “Meat.”  For the same reason as above, I guess.  But he is the only one who does.

A few people call me “T.”  But, that is just an abbreviation for Tony, which is just Anthony, for short.  None of which I would all a nickname.

Day 17 – Favorite Picture of Myself of All Time and Why

That would be this one.

I used this picture in the official farewell post on my old blog.  I mentioned then it was my favorite.  It still is.

Why is it my favorite?

To be honest, it’s mostly pure vanity.

It’s one of the few pictures where I think my face looks pretty good.  Also, I think my limbs are probably the best part of my body, and I think they come off well in this photo.

But beyond it being an image that makes me feel attractive, I like that I am looking up into the light.

Like I am focused on bigger brighter things.

Looking forward.

Never back.

Day 18 – Something I’ve Learned

There are a great many things I have learned.

I learn something every day.

We all do.

Whether we mean to or not.

It’s mostly a matter of whether we retain what we learned and what we do with that knowledge.

But probably the most important thing I have learned in recent years is about love:

Love gives you the the strength to do things you never thought you could; the capacity to do the things you never thought you would; and a reason to do the things that you should.

Day 19 – Put iPod on Shuffle.  First 10 Songs.

I don’t have a ton of stuff on my iPod.  Just a couple hundred songs, even though it holds something like 25,000.2 I wouldn’t even have an iPod if The Attorney had not given me one for Christmas a few years ago.  I would have never bought it for myself.  But, now that I do own one, I am happy to have it.  I mostly use it to listen to podcasts while I paint. But on to the shuffle:

  1. His Eye Is On The Sparrow – Mahalia Jackson
  2. You’re Looking At Country – Loretta Lynn
  3. Love Stoned/I Think She Knows – Justin Timberlake
  4. Baby Love – The Supremes
  5. Light of A Clear Blue Morning – Dolly Parton
  6. What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve – Nancy Wilson
  7. Baby Got Back – Sir MixAlot
  8. September – Earth Wind and Fire
  9. Proud Mary – Ike and Tina Turner
  10. This Love – Maroon 5

That probably all means something.  I don’t know what.

{ fin }

  1. Which has a couple of nicknames of its own. []
  2. Like I even know 25,000 songs. []

Erector Set

Five ways to make my dick hard:

  1. Kiss me.
  2. Rub your stubbly chin on my belly.
  3. Roll it “rolling-pin” fashion against my thigh.
  4. Bite my neck.
  5. Do the Extended Puppy (yoga pose)

{ fin }

Nothing Borrowed or Blue

30+ Day Challenge, Part 20 – Your Dream Wedding

My Dream Wedding would be any wedding I don’t have to attend.

I have been to weddings.  I was even the best man at a wedding a few years ago.

But, I hate them.

I’d rather gnaw off my left nut than go to a wedding.

So, I definitely don’t dream of a wedding of my own.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not anti-marriage.

I’m anti-wedding.

Weddings just cause everyone involved to get all spun up and stressed out for weeks, or even months, leading up to the event.  Not to mention draining their bank accounts for months, or even years, to follow.

Anxious and broke.  What a way to start a life together.

Plus, I just don’t see the point in making your friends get all dressed up and then force them to watch you tell somebody you love him/her.

It’s just PDA1, but with a toast and presents.

As much of an exhibitionist that I can be, I’m really not the PDA type.2

Neither is The Attorney.  The closest we get to PDA is a shoulder bump thing that we do.

He probably is a bit more of the wedding type than I am.  So, if the day came that he would want some kind of ceremony, I would go along with it, of course.

But, I dream3 that it would be something very simple and private.

No flowers.  No toasts.  No several hundred dollar cake. 4

Nothing borrowed.  Nothing blue.

Just an agreement to continue to treat each other in a way that got us there in the first place.

And maybe some cake.  That doesn’t cost much.

{ fin }

  1. Public Display of Affection []
  2. I’m probably more PDE: Public Display of Erection []
  3. and pray []
  4. Give me $25 and I can make you a cake from an empty pantry that will make you cream your underpants. []

Stress Test

30+ Day Challenge – Part 21: Something That Stresses You Out

This is a really tough one for me.  I don’t tend to sweat stuff.

Good, bad, or otherwise, I do my best to take things in stride.

Stuff can make me mad.  Stuff can make me anxious.  But not much truly stresses me.

I equate things going wrong  to eating something bad: This, too, shall pass.

I guess if I had to say something stressed me, I guess it would have to be dealing with Granny’s poor health.  It requires me to be on my toes a lot, and makes me have to plan my time away from her very carefully.

But, it’s also something I know I can handle.

I think that’s a key to not being stressed.  Knowing you can handle it.  Believing there is always a way.

Even if you don’t know what that way is.

You just have to believe.

{ fin }

Wish Well

30+ Day Challenge – Part 22: Three Wishes

If a genie came to me and offered only three wishes, I would use one for Granny, one for The Attorney, and one for myself.

For Granny I would wish that she could spend the rest of her days in good enough health to enjoy the time and know what she is experiencing.  I wouldn’t wish for her to live indefinitely or anything like that because she has already outlived most of her friends and all her children.  And I can’t imagine there is a lot of joy in that.

For The Attorney I would wish that he would be relieved of some of the obstacles he is facing in his work.  He is a good man, trying to do the right things, but unfortunately that is not always the popular viewpoint.

For myself, I would lighten the genie’s burden and go for something superficial.  I would wish for a meaty chest. Just enough to fill out a tight t-shirt.

{ fin }

Another Man’s Shoes

I can be uptight.

It’s true.  As easy-going as I am about most things, there are some things I just can’t let go of.

The Attorney was up to the house the other evening and he brought with him three pairs of shoes.

Running shoes to be specific.

His running shoes to be more specific.

Well, to be truly specific, they are running shoes that he bought and, for whatever reason, did not make the cut to be a part of his regular rotation of running shoes.1

He had not worn any of the pairs more than a handful of times.  So, rather than throw them away he thought I might like them.

I don’t run, but I do like athletic shoes.  And size 14 is not always easy to come by.

Even so, I had to pass on them.

I know that on some level this is totally irrational, and no doubt connected to the issues I have with feet2, but the idea of wearing another man’s shoes really creeps me out.

Granted, I have worn a pair of The Attorney’s dress shoes once before out of necessity.  But these are athletic shoes.  Shoes that his big long-toed feet have sweated in.

True, he only wore them maybe 3-4 times each and there was always a sock in between shoes and flesh.  But a sock is not a sponge.  Unless, he wrapped his feet in a Sham Wow3 while hitting the pavement, there was some sweating into those insoles.

I have never hidden the fact that I am a little bit of a germ-a-phobe.

It bothers me that this bothers me.

I mean, it’s The Attorney.  Not some stranger.  I have visited virtually every square inch of his body over the last several years, and had much of it in my mouth (or at the very least against my lips or tongue).  If I am going to catch it, I already have it.

So, why am I bothered by the thought of wearing practically brand new shoes that he has stood in?

It’s the same thing that makes have to block out the thought that other people may have tried on a pair of shoes before me in a shoe store.

Idiosyncrasy?  Neurosis?  Just plain odd?

I don’t know.

And you can’t  judge me until you have walked in my shoes.

Just don’t literally walk in them, please.

{ fin }

  1. Yes, he has several different pairs.  I don’t get it. []
  2. I don’t like them. []
  3. I highly recommend them. []