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OK.  So I am way behind on my 30+ Day Challenge.  Like 12 days behind, I believe.  I should be up to about Day 27 or 28 by now.  But the last one I posted was Day 15.  So, I’m going to make this one a multi-post.  Four in one.

Day 16-Nicknames

If you are reading this blog, you already know my nickname is “LargeTony.”  One word.  You also probably know why I have the nickname.  Or how I got it.  Or both.  If you are still clueless, I’ll just get to the point and explain it.

I have a plus-sized pecker. 1

I don’t really have any other nicknames.  Not anything I am called regularly or by any number of people.  I have a buddy who calls me “Meat.”  For the same reason as above, I guess.  But he is the only one who does.

A few people call me “T.”  But, that is just an abbreviation for Tony, which is just Anthony, for short.  None of which I would all a nickname.

Day 17 – Favorite Picture of Myself of All Time and Why

That would be this one.

I used this picture in the official farewell post on my old blog.  I mentioned then it was my favorite.  It still is.

Why is it my favorite?

To be honest, it’s mostly pure vanity.

It’s one of the few pictures where I think my face looks pretty good.  Also, I think my limbs are probably the best part of my body, and I think they come off well in this photo.

But beyond it being an image that makes me feel attractive, I like that I am looking up into the light.

Like I am focused on bigger brighter things.

Looking forward.

Never back.

Day 18 – Something I’ve Learned

There are a great many things I have learned.

I learn something every day.

We all do.

Whether we mean to or not.

It’s mostly a matter of whether we retain what we learned and what we do with that knowledge.

But probably the most important thing I have learned in recent years is about love:

Love gives you the the strength to do things you never thought you could; the capacity to do the things you never thought you would; and a reason to do the things that you should.

Day 19 – Put iPod on Shuffle.  First 10 Songs.

I don’t have a ton of stuff on my iPod.  Just a couple hundred songs, even though it holds something like 25,000.2 I wouldn’t even have an iPod if The Attorney had not given me one for Christmas a few years ago.  I would have never bought it for myself.  But, now that I do own one, I am happy to have it.  I mostly use it to listen to podcasts while I paint. But on to the shuffle:

  1. His Eye Is On The Sparrow – Mahalia Jackson
  2. You’re Looking At Country – Loretta Lynn
  3. Love Stoned/I Think She Knows – Justin Timberlake
  4. Baby Love – The Supremes
  5. Light of A Clear Blue Morning – Dolly Parton
  6. What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve – Nancy Wilson
  7. Baby Got Back – Sir MixAlot
  8. September – Earth Wind and Fire
  9. Proud Mary – Ike and Tina Turner
  10. This Love – Maroon 5

That probably all means something.  I don’t know what.

{ fin }

  1. Which has a couple of nicknames of its own. []
  2. Like I even know 25,000 songs. []
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  1. Just the limbs?

    Interesting iPod shuffle.

  2. Cb Cb

    I would like to see a picture of said pecker– just to verify the plus-sizedness.

  3. Ojo Ojo

    I agree, it’s a great picture of you! I would like to see the largeness of Tony sometime. I guess you had some pictures hidden on your old blog…any chance of getting in there?

    Yep, your are behind, but I totally understand. It’s hard to blog everyday, but I do check your blog everyday to see if you have written….just sayin’….

  4. That’s definitely an eclectic taste of music. I can just see you bee-bopping to “Baby Got Back” while you paint. LOL

  5. Like Todd, I’m laughing (ok, he didn’t say he was or wasn’t) at Sir MixAlot.

  6. That is all you have on your iPod? So awesome.

    That is a really handsome picture.

  7. brian brian

    The shuffle works for me, but the nick name that fits is Lane Bryant!

  8. rayrayj rayrayj

    Your blog, much like your iPod, emphasizes quality over quantity.

  9. I like the picture you placed on your profile here as well!

  10. Curtis Curtis

    #4 – Mary was always the heart of the group, Florence had the soul, and Diane — well, she was in front. It’s those in the back that make the difference.

  11. Your “Favorite Picture of Myself of All Time and Why” has a very “Last Supper” feel to it. At least that’s the thought that went through my head when I saw it.

  12. David David


    Favorite pic:
    My facebook pic. I’m happy and in front of a waterfall, and too, the lighting works

    Something I learned:
    how to make home made ravioli. I’ve been wanting to learn and it just kinda happened today.

    like you, I never would have bought one. I won one this year at the company christmas part. And I’m glad I did because I love it. The only music I have is The Beatles box set. I use it mostly to watch movies in bed streaming off netflix. …technology is crazy, and if you ask me, the human race is getting far too ahead of itself….

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