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Erector Set

Five ways to make my dick hard:

  1. Kiss me.
  2. Rub your stubbly chin on my belly.
  3. Roll it “rolling-pin” fashion against my thigh.
  4. Bite my neck.
  5. Do the Extended Puppy (yoga pose)

{ fin }

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  1. I’d bite and nuzzel your neck 🙂

    If you were single……

  2. OMG – you’re a guy. Be honest.

    #1 Breathe

  3. Sue Sue

    I’m wet, and I don’t even know what “puppy yoga” is.

  4. Paul from Q Paul from Q

    You forgot the tailor measuring for your right or left hang.

  5. brian brian

    Kissing is bliss.To each his own. Some could say TMI,but any info has it’s place.

  6. Artie1 Artie1

    IMHO, the neck is, hands-down, the most sensual, sexy part of the male anatomy!

  7. A A

    This doesn’t seem like it would be in the 30-day blog challenge…and it would be good information to have, if not for The Attorney.

  8. irisgirl irisgirl

    You are so true to yourself, Tony—one of the main reasons I’m so crazy about your blog!

    And you made me smile on a dreary, depressing day. Thank you!

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