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Stress Test

30+ Day Challenge – Part 21: Something That Stresses You Out

This is a really tough one for me.  I don’t tend to sweat stuff.

Good, bad, or otherwise, I do my best to take things in stride.

Stuff can make me mad.  Stuff can make me anxious.  But not much truly stresses me.

I equate things going wrong  to eating something bad: This, too, shall pass.

I guess if I had to say something stressed me, I guess it would have to be dealing with Granny’s poor health.  It requires me to be on my toes a lot, and makes me have to plan my time away from her very carefully.

But, it’s also something I know I can handle.

I think that’s a key to not being stressed.  Knowing you can handle it.  Believing there is always a way.

Even if you don’t know what that way is.

You just have to believe.

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  1. Yes sir, and that’s why I like you. Your attitude. It speaks volumes and will carry you through life perfectly.

    Thank you so much for the birthday voice mail!

  2. I admire you Sir.

  3. I admire your ability to handle stress in this simple and straightforward way. Something to aspire to. That quiet, reflective calmness is a turn on to so many. I’m envious.

  4. Paul from Q Paul from Q

    Having a plan is impportant. I thought that was a big part of why the Asian fellow was helping you with Granny. But your feeling the need to plan without letting it be stresssful is admirable. Keep it up.

  5. irisgirl irisgirl

    I join the others in expressing my admiration for how you manage life’s challenges, especially Granny’s recent health problems.

    Have you always functioned this way?

    It’s a skill I have definitely not mastered (except for a few notable responses to tainted grub, which I passed with flying colors. And other flying nastiness.)

  6. David David

    Nice philosophy.

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