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Wish Well

30+ Day Challenge – Part 22: Three Wishes

If a genie came to me and offered only three wishes, I would use one for Granny, one for The Attorney, and one for myself.

For Granny I would wish that she could spend the rest of her days in good enough health to enjoy the time and know what she is experiencing.  I wouldn’t wish for her to live indefinitely or anything like that because she has already outlived most of her friends and all her children.  And I can’t imagine there is a lot of joy in that.

For The Attorney I would wish that he would be relieved of some of the obstacles he is facing in his work.  He is a good man, trying to do the right things, but unfortunately that is not always the popular viewpoint.

For myself, I would lighten the genie’s burden and go for something superficial.  I would wish for a meaty chest. Just enough to fill out a tight t-shirt.

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  1. You already fill out your pants, tight or not. Don’t get too greedy. 🙂

  2. Jim T Jim T

    I like your thoughts for your Granny; I know that last year with my Granny I just wished she could get up and around in her garden and feed her chickens herself because that simple life made her so happy.

    Well and I would have wished I could have helped her make one last fluffy coconut cake so we could enjoy it together.

  3. Mike in Asheville Mike in Asheville

    You are so sweet … in the very best way. Cheers.

  4. john john

    With the package you have… who needs a meaty chest 🙂

  5. James James

    I’ve always thought Happiness, Harmony and Wisdom would be three good wishes. But I would also wish for my mother to be better (Alzheimers), my family to be happy, but now I want equality for for all.

  6. And this is why people read your posts so faithfully.

  7. I already have the meaty chest. Well, probably not so much meaty as slightly enlarged. IF IF IF I wear an extra tight, extra small t-shirt that makes my chest APPEAR to be meaty. You ought to try it.

  8. jeff jeff

    What if the choice was meaty dick or meaty chest? One not both. hhhmmmmm!!!

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