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Five Good Things

30+Day Challenge, Part 23 – 5 Good Things That Happened Since Starting the Challenge

  • One day during lunch I went through a drive through.  By the time I got to the window, I realized I did not have my wallet on me.  When I told the girl at the window, she told me it was okay and gave me my order anyway.  I offered to come back in 10 minutes with the money.  She said not to worry about it.  But, I did.  I worried that she would get in trouble for her drawer being short.  So I did come back later with the money.
  • In a previous post I joked that I would be willing to take free samples from AussieBum.  Turns out somebody from the company caught it and they sent me four pairs of underwear.  In return, I promised I would post a picture.  I was unsure about them at first because they are more brief than I usually wear, but once I got them on, they looked pretty good.  And they are amazingly comfortable.  Doesn’t feel like I’m taking a blood pressure test like other briefs.
  • I found a good little chunk of money I had hidden away several years ago.  Nice surprise.
  • Around this time last year I decided I wanted to get a kilt.  A real one. I never did because they were just too expensive.  A week or so ago I found a place online where I could order an affordable one.  Now waiting for it to be made and arrive from Scotland.  Just in time for Springtime hikes through the mountains.
  • Car Head. Yes, it’s just what you think. And it was awesome.

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  1. Hi Tony

    As you may know from my blog I have clinical depression.

    Wasn’t having so great a day today.

    But then I read this post – and it brightened my day. I don’t know which part – and no it wasn’t the pic – but it did.

    And today was not a new experience. Your writing has brightened several “Funky” days for various reasons.

    Thanks for blogging.

  2. you know, the kilt make Car Head so much easier.

    ….i’ve heard.

  3. That is an amazing pic and one that is about to explode all over the internet.

  4. irisgirl irisgirl

    Seriously, who doesn’t look forward to diving head-first into the joys of Saturday?

    Looking forward to the kilt pic, especially if you wear it properly and a gust of wind just happens to “blow up your skirt”, so to speak.

  5. Steve in MI Steve in MI

    Hey Tony — I’ve been reading your blog for a while (love it!) and I’m sorry I missed the previous more NSFW-sounding incarnation. Anyway… NICE pic. 🙂

  6. rayrayj rayrayj

    Love the aussiebum pic. I’m certain they will get a great return on their investment.

  7. adkcub adkcub

    I think Aussiebum has a new model!

  8. adkcub adkcub

    Mighty fine Tony, I guess thinks really do improve with age. Better every time I see you.

  9. A A

    Yet another reason Saturday is my favorite day of the week…damn, boy.

    Kilt pictures are definitely in order when it arrives.

  10. Chris Chris

    Might nice pic there Tony. How did you pack all of your stuff in there, it might be kinda crowded:)

  11. Super picture, but why does that great-looking guy look so severe? I know there’s a warm smile there somewhere — maybe the kilt will bring it out.

  12. David David

    That’s a great aussieBum pic of yourself. Touching on the three wishes post: you have a great chest. It looks strong and youthful.

    Oh, that drive-through girl, as sweet as she may be, needs to get her head out of the clouds. As you say with the attorney, sometimes the good thing or the right thing isn’t the popular opinion, and I can see a manager of a drive through (or any food industry place) not being in “give-away” mode.

  13. sfjohn sfjohn

    Boy! you sure do fill out a pair of aussiebums well!!

  14. jdw jdw

    I dont know you well enough to comment on your body, but son you are packing some serious meat and potatoes.

  15. Sue Sue

    WOW! Where are the rest of the days of the week?

    Can’t wait to see the kilt!!!

  16. Looks like you fill out the underwear quite nicely – glad you like them and lucky you for getting them from AussiBum.

  17. Andres Andres

    I’m new to your blog… what’s the challenge?

  18. Kris Kris

    As much as I’ve enjoyed the pics I’ve seen of you naked, I have to say you look stunning in that photo. You get more gorgeous with each passing year!


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