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30+ Day Challenge, Part 24 – Favorite Song

I only download1 music that I really like a lot onto my iPod.  Since it is only about 1% full, it shouldn’t be too hard for me to pick out a favorite song.

I didn’t even need to consult the iPod to come to the conclusion that the winner is either “Tennessee Waltz” or “I’ll Always Love You.”2

But, which one?  Almost all the songs I like, I like for different reasons.  So, what makes one more of a favorite than the other.

Thinking about it, I realized that “Tennessee Waltz” was a favorite not because of the song, but because of what it represents to me.

It reminds me of my grandparents in days gone by.

No, they didn’t have a “Tennessee Waltz” moment where another woman stole my Grandaddy away.3  But it was a song that was a favorite of theirs and they used to sing it together all the time.  I still remember them sitting on the screen porch in the evening, Granny singing quietly and Grandaddy whistling the harmony.

That song, for me, is really more about them than something that speaks to me.  So, I can’t claim it as the favorite.

“I’ll Always Love You” definitely speaks to me.

Not because of anything that has happened in my life.

But I believe in what it has to say.

Dolly wrote the song in response to her decision to get out from underneath Porter Wagonner’s wing and strike out on her own as a recording artist.  She had been a regular on his TV show a couple of years, and was outgrowing him.  It was a tough thing for her to leave the show, but she would be forever grateful and love him for giving her a start.

So, even though the song was written about a business relationship, it mirrors what can happen in a true love affair.  You can grow apart from someone, and know that you are not the best thing for each other, but it doesn’t mean you will love them any less.

I believe in that.

Mostly because I think that when you truly, truly love someone, nothing can make you stop loving them.

Relationships end.  Love is ever-lasting.

The Attorney and I have a happy relationship.  But, I’m not fooling myself into thinking that something couldn’t happen one day that would cause it to be over.

But I’m also not fooling myself into thinking that I could stop loving or being there for him, either.

Because “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”4

Another favorite.

{ fin }

  1. Pay for. []
  2. Dolly Parton, not Whitney Houston. []
  3. Or Granny stealing him from another woman, as far as I know. []
  4. The stuff that begins around the 2:00 mark cracks me up! []
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  1. Ms Parton’s version brings tears to my eyes.

    She has a sincerity to the song that Miss Houston lacks.

  2. brian brian

    Absolutly Love Dolly!
    For me, her song, Hard Candy Christmas speaks volumes.
    Good song choice on your part.

  3. David David

    Damien Oz Said it. It’s a beautiful song. Thanks for the background; it says volumes about Dolly.

  4. Condoguy Condoguy

    Thank you for sharing. Made me think of some great songs I love and look them up.

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