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Listen To The Mockingbird

30+ Day Challenge, parts 25/26 – Favorite Book / Favorite Quote

It turns out that my favorite quote comes from my favorite book, so with this challenge I can kill two birds with one stone.

As long as they are not mockingbirds. That would be a sin.

So my favorite book, “To Kill A Mockingbird” tells us.

It has been my favorite book since I first read it when I was a teenager.  All these years I still have  not seen the movie, except catching snatches of it here and there on TV.  Still, it is a book whose words struck me so deep that it has effected how I lead my life.

It’s a book about responsibility, equality, dignity, and respect.  Things that should be very important to us all.1

I won’t go on and on about it because I have talked about these things before.

But how anyone can read that book and not take a hard look at the own behavior, even the little things in life, is beyond me.  You could learn as much about human decency from “To Kill A Mockingbird” as people think the should from The Bible.

As far as my favorite quote, it’s not the famous one about why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.2

I think there’s just one kind of folks –Folks.

That’s my favorite quote.

Because it’s true.

Unfortunately too many folks don’t listen to the Mockingbird.

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  1. I gave The Attorney a 50th Anniversary edition for his 50th birthday last year. []
  2. Because are not destructive or thieving like other birds.  They just go about their business singing their song and don’t bring harm to anyone or anything. []
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  1. This is one of my favorites as well, ever since reading it in Jr. High. As for the movie, it’s pretty faithful to the book and Peck is great. As is the actress who plays Scout.

  2. I too love this book, even studying it for exams at school didn’t spoil it for me.
    I havn’t read it for years though, so it might be time for a reread.
    By the way I think your torso is very nice, can’t understand why you aren’t satisfied with it.

  3. Eric703 Eric703

    One of my fave books of all time as well. U must watch the movie. It’ll blow u away. And speaking of blowing… : p

  4. rayrayj rayrayj

    Now I have to re-read the book. A great book and a great quote. Thanks LargeTony.

  5. Will you think less of me if I confess, right here and right now, that I have not read the book? Well, truth be told, I think that I was supposed to have read it in school — but I couldn’t tell you one single thing about it…..I have no recollection.

  6. brian brian

    Harper Lee and you have so much in common.
    Would you be surprised or intimidated if you knew she read your blog?

  7. California Alex California Alex


  8. irisgirl irisgirl

    I assume you know that OUR favorite book is also Jake Gyllenhaal’s—-and it inspired him to name his 1st dog Atticus and his 2nd dog Boo Radley (sadly, no longer with him.)

  9. GL GL

    No more killing two birds with one stone. Want you to write more, not less.

  10. David David

    Great book. I gave my copy to a friend because it was her favorite book and mine was a new hardback. Years later I was over her house and saw it and said, “Isn’t that my book?”

    I forgot I gave it to her, so we had a laugh over that.

  11. Loved the book as well and grew up wanting to marry Atticus Finch 🙂

  12. Paul from Q Paul from Q

    It was a great book to teach: it shows so easily how education can prevent prejudice. And, indeed, folks are proven to be folks.

  13. sfjohn sfjohn

    One of my alltime favorites,too – a beautiful book. And Tony I agree with GL – write more! I, along with your other readers know what a talent you have….

  14. Joe Joe

    It is a lovely, simple book about right, wrong and the power of truth. I’ve always loved it and thought the movie was as good as it gets in translating book to film.

  15. That is a great quote. Which reminds me, perhaps I shall re-read. It is such a good book. You should see the movie. It’s very well done.

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