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Spending Daylight Saving Time


Something about the combination of lusty citrus and sensual fizz makes mimosas very sexy to me.

And I love them.

Like sex, I could have them all day.  But, also like sex, there comes a point where you body tells you that you’ve had too much.

The Attorney arrived at the house on Sunday with two cartons of orange juice and two bottles of champagne.

If there is anything fancy about me, it’s that I enjoy champagne.  I especially enjoy mimosas.  So does the Attorney.  So does Granny.

So we spent Sunday afternoon sitting on the front porch drinking mimosas and eating vanilla wafers.1

It was a gorgeous day.  Sunny and in the 70’s with blooms and buds just starting to burst all around us. A great way of spending our first day of Daylight Savings.

It was intoxicating.

And we got drunk.

On mimosas.

Me, the Attorney, and Granny.

Not falling down or sloppy drunk.

But definitely tipsy.

And sleepy.

Whether it was from the mimosas of from the clock springing forward the night before,  all three of us were ready for naps.

Granny shuffled inside to her recliner and she was out before The Attorney and I could wash up the glasses and seal what was left of the cookies.

He and I went upstairs for a quick one.

Nap, that is.

The Attorney is generally a back sleeper. I tend to sleep on my side.  It’s great when we are together because I generally throw one leg over his and wrap my arm across his chest.

But, I had some back trouble for a few days that made it painful to sink into the mattress on my side.

So we both laid there staring at the ceiling.  Like two teenagers afraid to touch each other.2

Eventually, he took my usual role and rolled onto his side.   Just as was going in for a kiss, he had a kick-back from the champagne and burped in my face.

Nothing ruins a moment like a warmer than room temperature blast of stale champagne and leftover cheap cookies.

“Sorry,” he said, giggling.

“No, you’re not.”

“Maybe,” he joked.  “But you still love me, don’t you?”


He tucked his face into the crook of my neck and shoulder.  “You’d better.”

He fell asleep pretty fast, even on his side.   It took me a little longer.

I think i was trying to hold on to that moment of time.

Daylights like that are worth saving.

{ fin }

  1. Had to take the fancy edge off somehow. []
  2. Or two bottoms waiting for somebody to make the first move. []
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  1. There’s no ‘maybe’. You do.

  2. Ummm……vanilla wafers.

  3. mikey mikey

    watch out for those mimosas, they’re a gateway drug ….

    one day you’re innocently drinking a mimosa, only to find yourself, a year later, going to brunch, wearing Gucci loafers and pink Lacoste shirts …

  4. rayrayj rayrayj

    Beautiful. Absofuckinlutely beautiful.

  5. California Alex California Alex

    Nothing like a good giggle.

  6. brian brian

    You had me at champagne! But daylight saving time will turn into Memorial Day before the weather here will cooperate.
    When the chance presents itself,the toast will be yours,granny’s and the attorney’s.

  7. Condoguy Condoguy

    It is always the small things that we remember the most. I so enjoy reading your blog and being reminded how simple life can and should be. I am also glad to read you are in a good place.
    Warm thoughts all around.

  8. Champagne is one of the great joys of life. We always have a couple of bottles in the fridge in case something worth celebrating comes along like a close friend showing up unexpectedly or some particularly great wake-up sex. Or Eastern Standard Time!

  9. sfjohn sfjohn

    Very sweet – times like that are the best thing in the world…..

  10. jdw jdw

    I know it seems crass, but anyone comfortable enough to burp on you and know you will forgive him is a keeper.

  11. David David

    Very nice. Family Romance Daylight and Buzz

  12. irisgirl irisgirl

    truly adorable!

  13. I didn’t expect the burp. Gave me a chuckle.

  14. Andres Andres

    You’re a very good writer… now I want an attorney! How do u make mimosas?

  15. Alan Alan

    I want you to know i had to go and buy a box of vanilla wafers after reading this!!! I just had to!! LOL! 🙂

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