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Month: November 2011

Is That Your Rocket In My Pocket?

30+ Day Challenge: Part 34 – A YouTube Video

I can’t remember where I saw this recently.  I think it was on Tosh.0.

Wherever I saw it, it continues to crack me up:

I love slightly twisted humor.  But I especially love it when it is twisted on several levels.

Which reminds me of my favorite joke, which also continues to crack me up after 20 years:

How does a mother from Louisiana know that her daughter has started her period?

Answer: see footnote.1

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  1. She can taste the blood on her son’s cock. []


I wish I had come across this video in time for my previous post, because it would have been a good one for the “30+ Day Challenge.”

While the timing may not have been perfect for the blog, it was kind of perfect for me.

The Attorney and I have been butting heads a bit lately.  The issue mostly stems, admittedly, from my own stubbornness.

I have always been fairly independent.  I sort of pride myself on handling things myself and being a provider.  I never want to be beholden to anyone for anything.

I will do whatever I can for someone else, but often I have trouble accepting even the simplest gesture in return.

Unfortunately, this tends to manifest itself in The Attorney feeling closed off from me.

This video has given me an epiphany, perhaps even a wake-up call, that to forge a bond you can’t only give unconditionally, you have to accept unconditionally, too.

Watch this video, and you will understand why I need to learn this “more than ever.”

This is the real deal, folks:

I picked this up from handsome blogger Kennethinthe212 who got it via Towleroad.

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Needless Perfection

30+ Day Challenge, Part 35 – Your idea of the perfect first date.

This one has me stumped.

First dates are not something I ever think about.

Perfect or otherwise.

In January, it will have been five years since my most recent first date.

That one was with The Attorney.

It wasn’t the first time we spent time together.

Before that, there was a hot tub and pancakes: a wonderful first impression and a good time, but hardly a first date.

But then eighteen months later, there was the official first date.

A movie; pizza and beer; and heavy condensation on the inside of my truck windows.

Was it perfect?


I definitely don’t plan on ever having a first date again.

What’s the need?

My last first date work out perfectly.

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Sweet Kisses

30+ Day Challenge, Part 36 – Something You Ate Today

Hershey’s Kisses.

Or Hershey Kisses, without the apostrophe-s, as I called them as a kid.

I have a big bag of them.

I know there’s a lot of fancier and finer chocolate than Hershey’s.

It’s a little bit bitter and a little bit waxy.

But it’s a whole lot of good.

Plus those fancy ones don’t come in kisses.

I love kisses.

Chocolate or otherwise.

Hershey’s Kisses always been a big part of my life.

Especially on Christmas or my birthday.

I would always get a bag from Granny as a gift.

Silver foil on my birthday.  Red and green on Christmas.

After having dinner with his mother on Thanksgiving, the Attorney showed up at our house with a pumpkin pie.

I don’t like pumpkin pie.1

“I know you don’t like pumpkin pie,” he said, before I could comment. “But Granny does.”

It was sweet of him to think of her.

But, he thought of me, too.

By bringing me kisses.

Chocolate and otherwise.

{ fin }

  1. In fact, there are only 2-3 kinds of pies I like.  I’m much more a cake and cookie man. []