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Is That Your Rocket In My Pocket?

30+ Day Challenge: Part 34 – A YouTube Video

I can’t remember where I saw this recently.  I think it was on Tosh.0.

Wherever I saw it, it continues to crack me up:

I love slightly twisted humor.  But I especially love it when it is twisted on several levels.

Which reminds me of my favorite joke, which also continues to crack me up after 20 years:

How does a mother from Louisiana know that her daughter has started her period?

Answer: see footnote.1

{ fin }

  1. She can taste the blood on her son’s cock. []
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  1. Cb Cb

    Here I thought it was: How can a girl from Tennessee tell that her brother got to borrow the family car for the night?

    Because her daddy’s dick tastes like shit.

  2. Paul from Q Paul from Q

    LA or TN or whatever. Self deprecation is easier to take than humiliation.

  3. irisgirl irisgirl

    I also saw that video somewhere, maybe 2 weeks ago, and thought it was hilarious! My appreciation of the occasional (!) non-PC, twisted humor is not something I advertise—except amongst my like-minded friends who shall remain nameless!


  4. Yuck Tony…

  5. Sue Sue

    I was gonna say that for Siamese twins the guys looked nothing alike! LOL!

  6. brian brian

    Twisted indeed!
    But funny as hell.
    Great way to start a day.

  7. Good ones.

  8. rayrayj rayrayj

    So funny. I can’t wait to share it with friends.

  9. Ian Ian

    I love me some twisted humor!

  10. Chris Chris

    Yick. Just nasty

  11. The twins got a chuckle out of me; the joke got a yuk.

  12. David David

    You are, indeed, warped. I liked the twist at the end. However, I’ve always questioned your humor when you so loved that video of that girl accidentally pinching a loaf in the hot-tub during a shoot.

  13. JJ JJ

    I wish I could figure all this out. I’m so confused where this is all taking me

  14. BFLJock79 BFLJock79

    Oh my god, that is hilarious!

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