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Painting You

“I paint it how I see it.”

It turns out that I have always used that phrase incorrectly.

I’ve always used it as a way of saying, “This is how it really is.”

But, I realized today that it really means, “This is how I perceive it.”

I paint it how I perceive it to be.

That’s why Picasso, Monet, and a fifth grader can all paint the same bowl of fruit and get three different paintings.

It’s all in the interpretation.

But, the bit of grammatical clarity I got has only served to create a bigger question.

Do we really paint what we see or do we paint what we want to see?

The “we” really being “I.”

Did I paint what I wanted to see?

If I put you on a pedestal and you fall off, who’s fault is it?

Yours or mine?

Ultimately mine.

Because you didn’t ask to be up there.

It’s how I painted you.

Now I don’t think I can put you back.

It’s definitely not fair for me to try.

So, do I reinterpret?

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  1. Jeff M. Jeff M.

    Putting people on pedestals can get in the way of loving them unconditionally. At least, I’ve found it to be the case.

  2. rayrayj rayrayj

    It’s probably not possible to see anyone, including one’s self, as that person really is. I don’t think loving someone means seeing him or her as he really is, but instead means accepting the flaws when they become apparent.

  3. Paul from Q Paul from Q

    This one hurts. Don’t just “try” to replace that which is on the pedestal. Realize why “it” was there in the first place, trust your judgment and look at the big picture–bowl of fruit or life. Be kind to yourself.

  4. Expectations are one of life’s toughest issues. All of our lives are painted differently because of expectations not being met…or the bowl of fruit not turning out quite the way we’d hoped it would. We learn. We rethink. We take time to recenter and gain a new vision in our heads and hearts for the way you want the new bowl of fruit to look. Big hugs to you, Tony.

  5. Curious what inspired this introspective post.

  6. brian brian

    I need help.
    Is “Pentimento” where a canvas has been painted over and perhaps improved?

  7. David David

    You only reinterpret if you want to. I think you should.

  8. irisgirl irisgirl

    ditto to what BosGuy said–this post really concerns me. I truly hope I’m wrong about what I’m thinking!!

  9. Interestingly, I know the same saying as “I call it how I see it”… I kinda like the painting version though.

    Also, pedestals = bad!

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