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Holiday Special #5

The holidays always brings reruns of favorite movies and TV specials.  So, in the spirit of the holidays, I have decided to rerun some of my older holiday-themed posts on the remaining days up until Christmas.  Any footnotes are current.

“Comfort and Joy”

Originally posted December 25, 2008 at LARGETONY Blog

I thought I would pop in for a moment to send out greetings to all my readers and friends.1

It’s about 2AM this Christmas morning.  I’ve just gotten home after seeing the holiday in at midnight with the Attorney.

Granny was asleep in her chair, the TV was on.  It was a rerun of “Golden Girls” on Lifetime.  I looked at Granny, long past her Golden years.  I guess she’s platinum now.  Or maybe Titanium, because she has stayed strong through her 92 Christmases.

I didn’t wake her even though she’d really be more comfortable in bed.  She’ll probably be stiff in the morning.  But she seemed so peaceful.  Sort of the way dogs always seem so peaceful when they are alseep.  So, I just made sure she was well covered with the blanket.  Let sleeping dogs lie.

When I’d left the Attorney, he was in his chair, too.  The big leather one with the ottoman.  It’s big enough for two. (At least we make it that way.) We had a sweet goodbye and I left him to watch the lights twinkle on his tree.

After settling Granny in, I found myself doing the same.  I hit the lights and sat across the room from our tree, taking it in from a distance.

I even caught myself doing that thing that I always did as a kid.  As I stared at the tree I would squint my eyes so the lights looked like hundreds of stars.  Then I would tilt my head from shoulder to shoulder, watching the rays swing back and forth.

A private moment of comfort and joy.

May all of you have a holiday filled with moments of comfort and joy, both private and shared.  My best to you all.  Happy Holidays.  Merry Christmas.  Happy Chanukah.  Happy Kwaanza.

Whatever you observe, I hope it is fulfilling and brings you peace.

{ fin }

  1. This was posted a few months after I had decided to quit blogging.  One week later I created “West of Mayberry” and started all over again. []
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  1. Cb Cb

    Merry Christmas, I hope it is a good one for you an your loved ones.

  2. jdw jdw

    Whatever you observe, I hope it is fulfilling and brings you peace. I know this is your line but this blog takes me away from myself and makes me know there are still angels among us. Maybe not you, but around you. Dwight Williamson

  3. brian brian

    Merry Christmas to Granny, you and yours.

  4. David David

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Tony.

  5. timothy timothy

    Merry Christmas! I have enjoyed reading your blog this year. The 5 Christmas posts were fun too. Happy New year 2012!

  6. rayrayj rayrayj

    Merry Christmas. I’m so thankful that you are still writing. By the way, the reruns are as good the second time around.

  7. Happy new year to you and to yours!

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