My name is Tony.

While in my teens I lost both my parents within three years of each other.  Consequently, I was taken in by my grandparents and lived, until graduating high school, in their Smoky Mountain home.  Now in my thirties, I am back to assist and care for my nonagenarian Granny.  Here in the calm of the Smokies, I balance life between Granny, my job as a commercial painter, writing, and the maintaining of semi-long distance relationship with a tall handsome man known simply as The Attorney.

I am reserved and shy.  Yet, I am a shameless flirt.

I love to listen, but hate noise.

I am both guardian and guarded.

I am opinionated but open-minded.   I have thick skin, but a tender heart.

My ears are too big.  So are my feet.

But other parts are just right.

I’m tall.  I’m strong.

I am an insomniac.

My life is simple.

And blessed.

That’s how it is just west of Mayberry.

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  • Rick says:

    Like your tit entry – check out my blog

    Mr Maryland Leather

  • royster says:

    i think you have inspired me to try writing a book. Thanks.

  • Dan says:

    love. love. love. your writings. succinct. sincere. succulent. palpable. authentic. heart felt. noble. smile producing. the blessed gift you, Granny are for each other. magnificent.

    I too turned 50 early June this year…the new 40. our generation aging more with grace

    strength and blessings as you help Granny into the non-physical

  • victor says:

    Ive just found your blog and I am delighted .Your personality is fab and your love of tits is universal among us gays.No need to have had a GF.Maybe its atavistic trait.I am eagerly waiting for a new entry.Best wishes

  • Camilllus says:

    Love your posts followed you when you had Large Tony up. two things I’d like to know what does the Attorney think of that part and pictures and actually how big is it actually.


  • Dave says:

    Sounds Beautiful.
    I sometimes wish I lived some place like that.

  • newief says:

    Hi tony
    I appreciate highly all your pics posted in
    I’m very shy, as you, and I feel, sometimes, lonely. I would like to be your friend and more…Hope to read you very soon.Bye.

  • Dennis says:

    Tony, How refreshing your slices of life are! The honesty and innocence stream through each post like water from a spring fed lake. I took a sample this morning for the first time and 90 minutes and countless postings later I am having a hard time pulling away. You are truly talented, don’t let go of your gift!
    Thank you!

  • Red Black says:

    Hello Tony…I just came across your blog and what I see I really like. I hope to learn more and follow your thoughts. I’m also a caregiver and very much relate to what you say. Thanks so much for sharing and take care, Red

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